Sketches and experiments by Sam Lyon

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Imagine a breathy “meow” coming from it’s mouth
Supreme wiggle
You can’t see it from this angle, but the bum is worth a gif on it’s own

If you post any kind art on the internet, you should have a look at a website called and check if they are making money from your work without your consent. used my pillow sprite character and had it ready to sell as t-shirts and art prints without ever consulting or paying me. They eventually took it down but are absolutely without remorse. They know it’s wrong but don’t care because the chance of anyone finding out is slim.

If you ever come across my artwork for sale and I haven’t posted it either here, in my shop, or on my portfolio page then please tell me about it.

I’ll even make you a gif or something for your trouble :p

(post edited for the sake of tidiness)

Extra comfy platform sandals
Spooky likeness to real life
Square-headed pal
We made a dress
Need a notepad for school or something? I’ve got you covered
Toad party